Orgeltrip Orgelklas Kunstacademie Vlaamse Ardennen

Uitstap met leerlingen van de orgelklas van de kunstacademie te Ronse

Toonmoment Orgelklas Kunstacademie Vlaamse Ardennen

Toonmoment Orgelklas Kunstacademie Vlaamse Ardennen

David Van Bouwel


Earth Diver Review @ Financal Times

David Van Bouwel - organ & soundscapes

"Earth Diver, Ruhrtriennale, Essen — ‘Breathtaking power’"

"The Ruhrtriennale’s Earth Diver is a multimedia performance of simple means and breathtaking power.  David Van Bouwel’s electronic soundscapes, all grinding metal and howling wind, meet Wim Catrysse’s reductive videos, humans dwarfed by monstrous industry and frigid landscapes"

"This all-enveloping meditation shows what music theatre at its best can achieve"

"Schütz’s ethereal sacred motets, underscored by the solid continuo group"

"If you ever wondered what the music of Henrich Schütz has to do with your life today, you will find your answers here. At its finest, this is what music theatre can achieve."

direct link 2 article @ Financial Times

Earth Diver @ Ruhrtriennale

Soundscapes: David Van Bouwel

Film: Wim Catrysse

Komposition: Heinrich Schütz, Nikolaus Brass

Konzept und Regie: Wouter Van Looy

Autor: Paul Verrept

Licht: Peter Quasters

Bühne: Peter Quasters, Wim Catrysse, Wouter Van Looy

Flying Score in nice Sequence by Burst Coincidence

Flying Score in nice Sequence by Burst Coincidence

Les Nouveau Charactères - Sébastien d'Hérin

David Van Bouwel - Organ




Annabelle Lopez Ochoa created Cylindrical Shadows after the loss of a close friend, in exploration of the themes of life and death. Her choreography moves through darkness to a place of peace and hope, revealing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of tragedy. According to Lopez, “There is no difference between life and death; they are not opposites, as we are taught to believe. They are both a part of a single continuum, the continuum of life.”


Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Henry Purcell, David Van Bouwel

Pacific Northwest Ballet excerpt