We are proud to announce the launch of our new company Bel Argus bvba!

Bel Argus is a joint venture by David Van Bouwel ( & Kathleen Deboutte (In Fine).

In future, our respective musical, composing, design & many other activities will be jointly operated by our company.

bel argus combines historical practices and contemporary composition & design in both performing arts & creation

our quest for new ways to apply traditional techniques & skills forms a common approach in their respective fields

however diverse our projects might seem, they all bear the signature of passion & persistence

Looking forward to many beautiful collaborations!


Exit FB
No, we did not defriend you!

We left Facebook altogether.

No reason for panic though, 

You can still follow our whereabouts on our website and blog

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Upcoming Projects

29 April @ 20.15
Cantar Lontano - Marco Mencoboni
David Van Bouwel / organ

29 & 30 April
Cylindrical Shadows - Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Cincinnati Ballet
Music by David Van Bouwel aka Torus Biglane

20 May @ 12.30
Organ Recital
Marktconcerten Leuven
David Van Bouwel / Organ

Ongoing / On Demand

Costume design
Workshops pattern making & garment construction
Customized Couture - Made-to-measure patterns for personal use
Kathleen Deboutte / In Fine