G.F. Händel - Messiah

B'rock - Peter Dijkstra

David Van Bouwel - harpsichord





"A performance that is never less than stylish and, perhaps most importantly, heartfelt..." - BBC Music Magazine, 01.01.2016

"but the B'Rock instrumentalists play Händel’s music with no indications of routine, only complete mastery. Purists whose ideas of historically-informed performance practices prohibit healthy doses of thoughtfully-conceived innovation will undoubtedly object to B'Rock’s use of theorbo in the continuo. That is regrettable, as it is so sublimely done that the notion of Händel himself objecting is unfathomable. The more canonical harpsichord and organ are played with equal accomplishment."

Voix des Arts

G.F. Händel - Orlando

B'rock - René Jacobs

David Van Bouwel - organ & harpsichord



B'Rock - The making of Orlando

"The continuo, provided with perfect virtuosity and dramatic energy by Andreas Küppers at the harpsichord, David Van Bouwel on harpsichord and organ" - Voix des Arts

"The playing of the whimsically named B'Rock Orchestra Ghent is impeccable throughout and the recording meets Archiv's highest standards" - The Daily Telegraph, 06.09.2014

"All is well-paced under René-Jacobs's direction with a fine contribution from the B'Rock orchestra." - BBC Music Magazine, 15.06.2014

"Stijlvolle uitvoering van vroege geestelijke barokmuziek uit Duitsland. De oordeelkundige afwisseling van orgelcomposities, motetten en kantates maken deze opname tot een religieuze en artistieke belevenis van hoog niveau. - Radio KLARA

" with organ soloist David Van Bouwel, is a delight." - The Free Library

"The organ pieces, played with a light yet businesslike touch by David Van Bouwel on the almost "fruity" Thomas de l'église de Gedinne instrument, convey, similarly, a sense of partnership as much as supplication with the divine. The motet, Gott ist unser Zuversicht, is more contrapuntal yet has a directness and momentum that does indeed point forward to Bach (think of Vom Himmel hoch in particular), though its abrupt ending may surprise on first hearing."

Classical Net Review

"Les trois oeuvres d'orgue, dominées par la Partita "Was Gott tut das ist wohlgetan", plus ample, très judicieusement variée et, surtout pionnière d'un grand style allemand dans la musique pour cet instrument – style évidemment magnifié par Bach –, ont été enregistrées à l'orgue Thomas de l'église de Gedinne, un instrument chaleureux, magnifiquement registré par David Van Bouwel, capté à la perfection par Jérôme Lejeune." - Classic Today France

J. Pachelbel - Christ lag in Todesbanden

Choeur de Chambre de Namur - Jean Tubéry

David Van Bouwel - organ